Medtality Roots

Medtality Roots Reggae Band:

Founded in early 2015 with the collaboration of inspiring Reggae Band Roots Redemption by Fred Harris, Mike Dennie, and the introduction of lead singer Zion Iyahbingi founded by Fyre Productions. Roots Redemption was struggling to find the right lead singer for their Roots sound for a number of years, while Zion Iyahbingi was also in search for the right band with a roots style. Eventually Fyre Productions made the connection and magic was made. The band decided to change the name to Medtality Roots Reggae Band.  With a unique sound from this dynamic Roots band, and the high energy that the youth Zion Iyahbingi brings to the stage the perfect combination was made. This new band brings a strong message of Roots & Culture with a positive message and blazing energy. The band consist of Fred Harris (keyboards) , Mike Dennie (Bass), Carlos Zetina (Drums), David D. Adjokatcher (Guitar & Vocals), Robert Abouchar (Keyboards & Vocals), Kevin Yi (Vocals & Percussion), and Zion Iyahbinghi (Lead singer). Get ready for the sounds of Rastafari with a number of classic covers and original music that will have the masses out of their seats and on the floor dancing.

Founder & Lead Keyboard Player:
Fred Harris

 Coming from the ST. Louis metro area, Fred has been a huge reggae fan since the 1980's with the sounds of Bob Marley, Steele Pulse, Third World and a host of other reggae artist blasting from the system of his home. He relocated to the Chicago land area to get a fresh new start on life, always keeping reggae in his heart. From that point, he and and a his childhood friends decided to start using their musical talents to learn how to play reggae music. They formed the band Roots Redemption and backed a number of local reggae artist. Fred has been involved with spreading the message of Love and Unity among people of all backgrounds through their music. In early 2015 he teamed up with Fyre Productions and met Zion Iyahbingi. Together they formed the new hot reggae sensation Medtality Roots.

Founder\Bass & Vocals:
Mike Dennie

Mike Dennie, Bass, Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Musical Director. Originally from the Queen City, Cincinnati Ohio, Mike settled in the greater Chicago in the early 80's. Traditionally a Jazz musician, Mike was introduced to Reggae during this time frame and has never looked back. Co-founder of Roots Redemption, Mike, along with Fred has been spreading conscious Reggae Vibes for the past 25 years.

Carlos Zetina

   Hailing from the beautiful Caribbean country of Belize is the heartbeat of the band, drummer Carlos Zetina.  Carlos has been playing drums since the age of 3, and got his first opportunity to play professionally in 1994 at the age of 15 . He started playing with a well-known band in Belize called Nayito and The Caribbean Roots Band. He toured with the band throughout Belize and Mexico from 1994-2000. His Caribbean background has made him a diverse drummer playing from Calypso, Cumbias, Dancehall, Soca, Punta, Reggae, Parranda to Ska. But his real passion is his Belizean music Reggae, Punta and Soca. After settling in Chicago in 2002 and starting a family, he took a break from music. After 8 years his love for music called him to start a band, called Drop Steady. Drop Steady had the opportunity  to grace some of the biggest stages across Chicago and the Midwest, playing alongside countless nationally and internationally recognized acts from 2008-2013.  In 2014 he met Fred and Mike from Roots Redemption. And since then has embarked in this musical journey with them to brew a sonic cocktail guaranteed to awaken even the heaviest of dancing feet.

David D. Adjokatcher

  Robert Aboucha from Mundelein IL has played keyboards in a number of local Rock N Roll bands for he last 30 years, in the Chicago area. He has always loved reggae music and always wanted to play reggae music live. Now he living the dream!

Backup Vocal\Percussion:
Kevin Yi

Born of Korean parents who emigrated to the States during the cultural and musical amalgams of the 70s, Kevin Yi's experiences growing up in the wild 100s on the southside of Chicago, created a unique 3rd 3y3d perspective on the social fabric of this dynamic Midwest city. 

Tapping into the Words, Sounds, and Power of ancestral spirits and shamans, 3rd 3y3 chants and rhymes about the everyday struggle and hustle, raising the consciousness of those who rise above the challenges and tribulations, giving thanks and praises for blessings on a daily, devoted in service to the Most High, by continuing to bear the light, compassion, and movement of Jah people.

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